With a long list of successful exhibits that span 20 years and collectors worldwide, Laura’s paintings are described as beautifully imperfect. Often large in scale with strikingly bold colours and texture, each piece offers discovery. Her process is rooted in memory and imagination, and her emotions are palpable. When she’s at work, Harris becomes utterly engrossed in her practice. It’s a fully physical task with music turned up loud and paint flying. Laura applies the same love and abandon to all other areas of her life.

“Recognize that ache deep inside of you; name it Creative and nourish the hell out of it. It will serve you in ways you can’t possibly imagine.”

Harris' is a positive oeuvre, but there are contrasts in texture and hue that suggest the opposition of forces. Exuberant, sensual, and often surprising, Laura’s images are known and prized for their irresistible energy. Her relationship with light has been compared to that of Turner. 

Laura currently lives in Victoria, BC and after 17 years of working from her home studio, has moved her work space to a fabulous, brownstone in the city. Her work is exhibited in galleries across Canada, and corporate clients include Mercedes Benz, The Ritz Carlton, The Keg and Canaccord.

STUDIO CONTACT: lharris@islandnet.com 

"Harris is the Nigella Lawson of painting, creating without recipes."  Linda Rogers

"Her work rocks people's souls a little…. it reaches out and pulls them in."  Michelle Kirkegaard

"Despite the sheer gorgeousness of her colours and the insouciance of her line - dripped, brushed or thrown into place with abandon - larger issues seem to be coming forth from the canvases."  Robert Amos

"Little joy, a little sorrow and always the relentless flow of positive and negative energy. Working from molded under-painting that is felt rather than thought, she makes texture the architecture of her responsive oeuvre, which compels the hand and the eye, revealing that touching is a multi-sensory experience, engaging flesh and spirit."  Linda Rogers