A New Year

One year ago I was completely dedicated to a plan… I would happily continue on, in my cozy home with my daughter, content with my tiny studio and I’d walk each morning on the paths by the coast, as I’ve been doing for 14 years. I’d be happy, strong, brave, free and fulfilled, and damn it, I’d do it on my own. 

Since then, I’ve learned that sometimes a detour offers a much sweeter journey. I’ve learned to always leave room in the plan for a little magic. Once again I learned to trust the unknown, for it knows better; that the truest courage and bravery is wrapped in a wide-open heart, and that fear is dangerous. I’ve learned that real freedom exists in the confines of unconditional love and that what I always thought was possible, is. Severe tendonitis, taught me to LET GO and for God’s sake appreciate what I do for a living… HONOUR it. I discovered that there’s wild strength in asking for help and that I have some Super Heroes waiting for the call. I learned that adapting is much cooler than controlling, and I’m now certain that ‘messy’ is my style and that beauty lives there. I learned that a good cry is as good as a laugh; joy is severely underrated; creativity is divine; red wine helps; and that dogs are highly evolved. I learned that everything is going to be ok; that time is precious; that we all have to dream bigger, give more and love harder. I realized that my daughter’s wisdom is super natural; my Mom’s touch is in everything I do; and my Dad will always, always show up just when I need him. I learned that friends stay and friends go, and that all of them leave a beauty mark. I was reminded to say Thank You and mean it. I learned that a full dinner table is sacred and that there is nothing sweeter in the world than the sound of laughter in our home. And this year I learned that the unplanned route may lead you to a place more magnificent than you’ve imagined.

In our painting workshops I suggest that we be present in the moment, let go, find joy, trust the process, and that our mistakes are gold. Perhaps tuck a few of those gems in your pocket and carry them through your days… I’m going to. Bring it on 2015!

From here in our new home with my new studio lit up in the distance, I wish you a joy-filled, new year full of glorious mistakes and unexpected detours. I’m off for a walk on my new favourite path by the sea.