Beautifully Imperfect Retreats with Laura Harris

Our retreats are not just about painting, they’re about living creatively and with purpose. Whether we’re beside the ocean in Victoria; in the lavander scented hills of Tuscany; or high in the Rockies on horseback; our retreats are designed to fuel the creative spirit. We find magical places around the globe to host them and we gather some rare souls to share it all with. We prepare delicious and nourishing food, we get messy, paint freely, breathe deeply, discover a fantastic soundtrack, laugh and remember what it feels like to let go. 

You don’t have to be an artist to take part. Our retreats are designed for everyone, amateurs and pros alike.

“Recognizing and honouring your own creative spark will lead you… it will open you, lift you, free you, and most importantly connect you… to yourself, to your purpose, to the highest love, and to all those who champion you. It will bring you home to your very core.” - Laura Harris


Join us for a heavenly week of painting, exploring and relaxing at a 450 year old, private hacienda resort and spa. We loved Hacienda Las Trancas so much last year that we’ve decided to return again in 2019! We’ll paint in the morning and spend our afternoons exploring or relaxing. Surrounded by stunning Spanish colonial architecture, museums and galleries there’s plenty to fuel our creative souls. Highlights include in-house spa with massage therapists, chef-prepared meals, heated pool, spacious suites, horseback riding tours, nearby excursions to Guanajuato and San Miguel de Allende.


The Laura Harris Painting Retreat in Mexico includes 7 nights luxury accommodation, 5 full days of painting instruction, nearby excursions, all meals, transfers, horseback riding, and painting supplies. $2995 usd. Email to reserve your spot or

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"Laura's leadership presence and ability to draw out the unique creative gifts of each participant were amazing! I know I will look back at these glorious days as a "defining moment" in my life. I cannot speak highly enough about the effect it had on me.” 
Jim Reger, President, David Foster Foundation

“It goes so far beyond the art, beyond the incredible meals, the music, the surroundings… the participants go through an incredible metamorphosis. I have been moved to tears as participants reach within themselves not just to find the artist within, but to stretch out with their soul and put on canvas a part of who they were, are, and who they are becoming… they share an experience that will forever change and nurture them.”
Stephanie Stevens, Firlands Ranch

“It's difficult to put into words how inspiring Laura is! I was greatly inspired by her enormous talent and the incredible generosity she bestowed upon us all. Through her kindness and gentle coaching, my inhibitions and fears were quickly replaced with confidence and a sense of wonder at my own creative spirit. Every part of the retreat was beautiful and nourishing to my spirit. The food was also artful and delicious (thank you, Rachel) and the time spent with everyone was deeply enriching."
Wendy Lockhart, Toronto

“For me, a technology entrepreneur, grabbing a paint brush and canvas was a daunting and terrifying experience. What unfolded over the workshop weekend was a memorable experience of art, women and uncovering the hint of an artist inside of me. Laura Harris is an inspiration to me - at work and at play. I would do it again, absolutely.”
Shelley Kuipers, CEO Chaordix

“So much of the workshop resonated with me, that I think it all rocked my soul a little, and all those emotions are still spilling over. Powerful stuff.” Melanie Willing, Artist

“Laura’s passion for painting and for living a creative life is contagious. The experience sparked something in me that I find hard to put into words, something brilliant.”
Alice Reimer, CEO Evoco Inc.

“Thank you for sharing your gift... which it truly is... your style and technique is soooo out of the box and watching you channel your vision onto canvas to your soul-filled soundtrack was inspiring! And Rachel’s yoga class was magic.”
Linda Main, Artist