For the past 16 years, fuelled by strong coffee and a decent playlist, I’ve worked in my little studio by the ocean in Victoria, BC. Sun pouring in through the french doors highlights paint on the walls, the ceiling, on the curtains and rug. It's beautiful chaos, much like my work. Music loud, it finds its way into the strokes and almost guides my hand. I've learned to trust my mistakes and surrendered to the notion that the process has its own ideas, I just need to get out of the way.

A lot of my work has a 'big sky' feel to it, a theme conjured up on my daily walks through the forest and by the sea. It is while I'm on these walks with my dogs, that I feel immense connection and am compelled to work it out on canvas, painting from emotion is the only route. While I move the paint around the canvas, I connect to something big, something I cannot quite name, but that feels fantastic and true, and rocks my soul open… perhaps a little airy-fairy, but undeniably true.