To be honest, it all feels a little like a dream, but I’m starting to feel my feet on the floor of my new, fabulously-spacious, bright, downtown studio. After 17 years of working from my home studio, it was time to change it up. It was time for a new vibration, for reinvention. I needed to move.

This new space feels limitless and exciting, and a new spark has been lit. I open the windows wide and am serenaded by the sound of people laughing, cars honking, bikes and boards, musicians playing, tourists touring - sounds that awaken a little part of my artist soul. There’s a flow, a certain powerful current and it feels just right. 

This change is good, but many things remain the same - there’s always wine in the cabinet, strong coffee is never far, a decent playlist is constantly cranked, and things are still a little messy.

Located in the heart of Victoria, BC just one block from the ocean, the Laura Harris Studio is open by appointment only.