London Town

I’m sorry I haven’t written for a while. It is my intention to change that. Lofty goals are in place, just you wait.

The dust has settled into the corners of our new home and my studio feels like I’ve been there for years. New images are taking shape on the canvas, a delightful side effect of a change of scene. These summer days have a comfortable, easy flow to them and I’m strangely tempted to stay put all season. But life is too short and delicious for that.

I’m writing this from a cozy little spot in London. Oh how I love this city... the smells, the light, the sound of the tube as it wanders the city with the bustle of wickedly interesting, stylized humans of every shape and colour. I'm always overwhelmed and crazy-inspired by the innovators and creators who have shaped this iconic place over the centuries, the real-deal-original “storytellers and makers”. As I navigate the cobblestone, a little voice whispers "the Masters walked here, can you feel it?". I try to soak up just a smidge of that juicy mojo and tuck it away to use when I get back to the studio. 

I have stood gobsmacked and teary in front of paintings that shaped who I am as an artist. I’ve stared at the actual brushstrokes of Van Gogh and Rothko’s edges and thought “My God, I can almost feel them.” Tate Modern, Saatchi, The National Gallery, Portrait Gallery. The mere thought triggers a deep sigh. 

And the pubs, Lordy, the pubs! Epicenters of connection and daily celebration, they define and honour community in a way that is sadly lacking at home. The first photo above was taken while sitting at one of my favourites. 

For me, travelling rekindles a romance with self. It reminds me what I’m made of, who I am. It fuels my creative soul, reminds me that I’m human, I’m brave and I’m free. It makes me believe, once again, that anything is possible.

Notting Hill is the current home of two dear friends of mine, who continue to amaze me with their generosity of spirit and courageously big living. We will walk, shop, dine and laugh our asses off before heading to Lisbon tomorrow. Mind the gap.