Finding Home

In this moment I am grateful… grateful and peaceful with a good pinch of inspiration. Shocking really, given the myriad of challenges I’ve been handed this month… relocating home, studio and heart… to state the obvious.

Last week I presented at a Sparkfly event hosted by Pam Lewis at Nourish Bistro… a little, inspired space nestled sweetly in the country. When Pam and I first spoke about presenting, I hesitated given the timing of the event and the looming demands related to all the things mentioned above, but I said yes. The plan was to set up a little corner easel and canvas, crank the music and let the paint fly (like no one’s watching), and then we’d all have a little chat. The theme was ‘connection’.

What I couldn’t have imagined was the undeniable, vibrational, energetic, magnetically good shit that occurred. After my nervous hand calmed, the music came in and moved my brush…  I was in the zone. I was certainly aware of everyone behind me, but their purpose was loud and clear… they were along for the ride, moving with me, on board and connected. When the music stopped and I turned around, the emotion was palpable… some wiped away tears, some sat silent, and beaming smiles lit up the room. Accepting and channeling the love in the room was my divine pleasure. I was shown, once again the power of this little thing I do… something far beyond me.

If you were to ask what I know for sure (Oprah) I’d say this: recognizing and honouring your own creative spark will lead you… whether it’s painting, cooking, gardening, writing, singing, accounting, whatever truly floats your boat. It will open you, lift you, free you, and most importantly connect you… to yourself, to your purpose, to the highest love, and to all those who champion you. It will bring you home to your very core.

So there you have it… I’m grateful for the fact that no matter what is going on in my life, no matter where I am (interim studio or Nourish Bistro) I can pick up a brush and instantly find ‘home’. 

“Recognize what brings you joy… crave it, honour it, practice it. It will lead you.”  Laura Harris.

Photo by Sara Hembree,